Mens Stirling Shirt Range

Corporate Apparel & Uniforms

The Havana Range is a modern take on the standard Business Shirt utilising different fabrics to create a modern sophisticated looking business shirt.
Havana Shirt Range
We provide a large selection of quality premium corporate uniforms and apparel. Take a look through some of our ranges or come into our brisbane show room & try it on for size! We can also customise your corporate uniforms with embroidery, screen printing or digital transfers. Decorating your corporate attire you will help to re-enforce your corporate image and make your company look more professional. Below is just a small selection of our corporate aparrel, all of which can be personalised with your business logo, name or department.

Corporate Clothing Options

MT86 is our stock T-Shirt for men. Has a modern fit and exceptional handle.
MT86 is our stock T-Shirt for men. Has a modern fit and exceptional handle.
MT86 is our stock T-Shirt for men. Has a modern fit and exceptional handle.
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Ladies Verve Shirt Range
MT86 is our stock T-Shirt for men. Has a modern fit and exceptional handle.
Mens Preston Range
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Ladies Berlin 3/4 Sleeve
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Chambray Short Sleeve
Chambray Long Sleeve
1015 Oxford Weave Shirt
1069L Herringbone  Shirt
1251L Square Dobby Shirt
1253L End on End Shirt
1376L Bold Stripe Shirt
1295 Textured Yarn Shirt
1267 Puppy Tooth Check
1637 Gingham Check Shirt
1708L Micro Brick Plain Shirt
1709L Micro Step Plain Shirt
1710L Royal Oxford Gingham
1711L Soft Tonal Check Shirt
1712L Window Pane Shirt
1713HL Spot Dobby Denim
1714HL Polka Dot Dobby Shirt
1716L Oxford Weave Shirt
5045 Iconic Chambray Shirt
5095 Iconic Chambray Shirt
5271L Oxford Shirt
5356L UV Cotton Shirt
5330S Casual Ribe Shirt
1025WL Oxford Shirt
1069WL Herringbone Shirt
1251WL Square Dobby Shirt
1253W End on End Shirt
1267W Puppy Tooth Shirt
1295WL Textured Yarn Shirt
1376 Bold Stripe Shirt Range
1581 Casual Ribe Shirt
1582 100% Printed Poly Shirt
1583 100% Plain Poly Shirt
1614WS Cool Breeze Shirt
1615WL Cool Breeze Shirt
1637 Gingham Check Shirt
1708WL Textured Plain Shirt
5656WL UV Cotton Shirt
1727WS Cool Breeze Shirt
1726WS Cool Breeze Shirt
1720WS Poly Georgette Shirt
1719WL Poly Georgette Shirt
1711WL Soft Tonal Check Shirt
1713WHL Spot Dobby Shirt
1714WHL Polka Dot Dobby Shirt
1716WL Oxford Weave Shirt
1709WL Textured Plain Shirt
1710WL Royal Oxford Shirt
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